Shower Door Options: A Buying Guide

Frameless and framed glass shower doors help enclose the area and add elegance to your space. Frameless doors are most popular of the two options, providing easier installation and more affordable pricing. When selecting a shower door, there are many choices available. Know the look you’d like to create in your bathroom before you begin shopping to simplify the purchase process. There are many glass types, frame styles, hardware options and other customizations that allow you to create a unique look that adds charm to your home. Additional considerations to keep in mind when choosing shower doors:

·    Although sold at home improvement stores, prefabricated doors are often bigger headache than they’re worth and experts recommend avoiding their use.

·    Choose glass that is ⅜” thick or ½” thick for best results

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·    Browse hardware finishes and designs to find a style that adds sophistication to your look

Before you purchase new shower doors for shower installation alpharetta, it is important that you measure the size of the opening so you get the proper size door to fit the space. Although doors offer a bit of flexibility in size, accurate measurements are important to reduce headaches and frustrations of selecting the wrong door size. It’s easy to measure the shower door opening to determine the right size to purchase. A quality tape measure quickly allows you to record these numbers, which you’ll provide when ordering the door.

When measuring the size of the door, measure the height of the door, the width of the opening of the door, and the width of the shower bottom. Measure numbers up to the nearest fraction to ensure that you get a door that properly fits inside the opening. The wrong size shower doors will improperly function, if they function at all.